Activated Silk™ L1 Biofinishing System

Superior leather technology

  • Uses Zero PFAS
  • More Natural Look and Feel
  • Carbon Reductive
  • Higher Performance
  • Semi-biodegradable Non-solvent System

Outperforming petrochemicals with natural peptides

Finish any leather, in any grain, for any use – more sustainably. We’ve innovated leather finishing past the age of petrochemicals. Using natural peptide technology, this system will enhance the natural durability, breathability and beauty of your leather without tapping fossil fuels.

A Novel Composite

The Activated Silk™ L1 biofinishing system is a novel concept consisting of topcoat, basecoat and auxiliaries.

A force of nature

Activated Silk™ L1 raises the performance of your leather and outperforms existing petrochemical finishing.

Colorfast Durability

Activated Silk™ L1 achieves higher veslic scores than petrochemical finishing.

CFR Wet Veslic Test

Flex Durability

Activated Silk™ L1 achieves higher Bally Flex scores than petrochemical finishing.

Bally Flex Testing

Water Resistance

Activated Silk™ L1 achieves higher water resistance without additional cross-linkers that harden and stiffen the leather.

Water Exposure Test

Stain Resistance

Activated Silk™ L1 achieves stain resistance for a full 10-day testing period.

  • Mustard
  • Water
  • Mud
  • Ketchup
  • Wine
  • French Dressing
  • Corn Oil
  • Coffee

Unbelievably Breathable

Activated Silk™ L1 achieves higher vapor transfer scores than petrochemical finishing.

Vapor Transfer

PFAS performance without the PFAS

Activated Silk™ L1 is the first commercial-scale leather finish to use ZERO PFAS. Not only does this reduce harm to people and planet, it raises leather performance by every measure.

Zero Cross- linkers needed

FTIR spectra of Activated Silk™ L1 and cross-linker

Carbon Reducing

The numbers brands are looking for

Activated Silk™ L1:
Polymer reduction + Energy reduction = CO2 reduction

Activated Silk™ L1

Up to 82% Reduction in CO2*

Activated Silk™ L1
Full System

Up to 66% Reduction in CO2*

Switching to Activated Silk™ L1

2.15-4.7 Metric Tons Reduction in CO2

Per 1 mil finished sq ft, depending on application.

*Numbers are based on average energy consumption rates in Italy. Numbers may vary per location but reductions are significant. Varies based on application method – reduction comes from the innovative topcoat formulation with fewer solids and big energy reduction.

Activated Silk™ L1 Sustainability Claims

Activated Silk™ Biotechnology Qualified Claims

  • Circular Economy Activated Silk™ biotechnology contributes to a circular economy.
  • Upcycled Activated Silk™ biotechnology is upcycled.
  • Cruelty-Free Activated Silk™ biotechnology is cruelty-free.
  • Sustainable Activated Silk™ biotechnology contributes to 8 of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Renewably Sourced Activated Silk™ biotechnology is renewably sourced using renewable energy.

A system & a service

Activated Silk™ L1 is a seamless solution designed to improve profit margins while supplying safer, more sustainable chemicals. It makes creating high-performance, CO2 reductive products possible in a full range of Nappa leather, including aniline, semi-aniline and fully pigmented.

Proven Biofinish System

L1 Basecoat

  • Uses Zero PFAS
  • No Added Cross-Linkers Required
  • Reduced PU
  • Biodegradable

L1 Topcoat

  • Uses Zero PFAS
  • No Added Cross-Linkers Required
  • Made Without PU
  • Semi-Biodegradable


Our included auxiliaries are designed to achieve any look and feel from matte to glossy, from waxy to oily, perfect for any consumer needs. And we’ll provide updated auxiliaries as the system grows.

Full Suite of Business Service

Creative and Technical Field Support

Our intellectual property will help you develop unique articles and build exclusive recipes.

Marketing Services

We will help advertise L1 to your customers and support your sales pitch to brand customers.

Global On-Demand Shipping

We will service you from the local and on-demand supply chain.

Dedicated Onboarding and Customer Service Team

We will always answer your questions and any call.

Delivery-Based Invoicing

We will not ask you for payment until you have money coming in.

In good company

Member of Leather Working Group Evolved By Nature is committed to supporting responsible leather manufacturing across the globe and that is why we are proud members of Leather Working Group. Our chemistry is ZDHC Level-1 rated, certifying that we discharge zero hazardous chemicals. We expect a Level-3 rating this year.

A new beginning for leather finishing

L1 shows us what is possible when we embrace naturally-derived ingredients. The next generation will unlock even more breakthroughs in sustainable leather finishing. One day we hope to bring you the world’s first fully sustainable, plastic-free, carbon-reductive leather finishing system. By adopting Activating Silk™ L1 today, you’re leading the industry toward a better tomorrow.

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