Our Platform

A Platform For
Changing the

Our current platform, Activated Silk™ biotechnology, is made with our proprietary NoviCulture process. Using just salt, water and a carbon-conscious supply chain, we bioharvest brand-new molecules from natural, renewable resources (such as silk). Once we extract them, we can design versatile, biobased molecule libraries, capable of creating infinite combinations.


Bioharvesting Peptides

Silk protein is bioharvested from cocoons,
then liquified and converted to our
patented Activated Silk™molecules


Molecule Design

From one drop, we extract a library of
molecules that we can design to meet
specific performance metrics.


Molecule Complexing

Our molecules are then complexed
with other ingredients to meet a broad
range of product needs.

Why Start With
Natural Silk?

Silk is, simply, nature’s
engineering at its finest.

Over thousands of years, natural silk evolved to become a treasure trove of promising molecular benefits. With NoviCulture, we can finally unlock silk protein’s nearly unlimited ability to enhance the barrier capabilities of everything from skin to seed coatings.

Activated Silk™ biotechnology’s unparalleled potential is due to these key characteristics:

To lessen our carbon output, we ship in tablet form, which decreases shipping weight by up to 95% and reduces plastic packaging waste.

Activated Silk™ biotechnology is smarter than your average molecule. Silk has uniquely compatible peptides that give it natural ability to assemble with other ingredients and stick to surfaces. Which means less chemical additives needed to create the things we use and love.

As an extraordinarily diverse polymer, silk contains a wealth of beneficial properties. With its vast chemical diversity and biocompatibility, silk can lend itself to countless applications and innovative new materials.

Unlike synthetic materials, silk protein is an infinitely renewable resource—the only feedstock needed is sustainably farmed silk cocoons. As a biodegradable platform, Activated Silk™ biotechnology also promotes circularity to reduce waste and regenerate nature whenever possible.

Just a small change to your supply chain can have a hugely positive impact. Compared to petrochemicals and other conventional biotechnologies, the scale-up for Activated Silk™ requires minimal time and capital—so we’re ready to help create the next generation of products at a global level, right now.

To lessen our carbon output, we ship in tablet form, which decreases shipping weight by up to 95% and reduces plastic packaging waste.

Our Markets and Products

Next Generation
is Happening
Here and Now

Today, we’re already using Activated Silk™ biotechnology to advance health in these major market areas:



For dermatology applications, urogynecology therapeutics and more


Sustainable Chemicals

For leather and textiles



For personal care