From Nature,
For Nature

Today, we’re entering a new era of sustainability, with consumers increasingly demanding more environmentally conscious practices from the brands they buy.

The synthetic platforms many industries rely on aren’t only finite, they also degrade the health of our ecosystem. Which, down the line, can lead to real problems for human health.

But we’re changing the nature of manufacturing. With innovative and nature-positive Activated Silk™ biotechnology, industries can move away from yesterday’s technology and evolve toward a more sustainable system.

Making less of an impact

To give ourselves and our partners a solid understanding of the environmental impacts of Activated Silk™ biotechnology, we conducted a peer-reviewed Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) from its cultivation to its end-of-life-disposal. We’re happy to share our LCA results with our commercial partners on request.

The world needs different
options and materials
that can meet the challenges
of today without imposing
consequences on tomorrow.

Activated Silk Is:



Supportive of a Circular Economy

Renewably Sources


Made with Renewable Energy



Petrochemical Free

Why Sustainability Matters


The world’s health is a responsibility we can’t afford to ignore. Environmental pollution puts the planet’s ecological well-being and biodiversity at constant risk, with dozens of species lost every day. We need to reset for a healthier, more sustainable future, with less reliance on the problematic chemicals polluting our ecosystems.


Human Health

Reduce Reliance.
Improve Performance.
Expend Boundaries.

The things we love and rely on are often full of plastics and problematic chemicals. But they don’t stay there for long—eventually they migrate into soil, air, bodies of water and, eventually, human bodies, where they can bioaccumulate for years. To break the bioaccumulation chain, we need to replace persistent problem chemicals with healthier, biodegradable alternatives.


Today, the bulk of the toxic burden is borne by less advantaged populations, who disproportionately live and work in our most polluted areas. With cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels, we can help promote safer living conditions across the board and a more equitable existence for all.

Our Goals Are
Global In Nature

Sustainable Activated Silk™ biotechnology is responsibly developed
with good work practices, which contributes to achieving the following
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

We’re On a Mission To Replace
Two Million Metrics Tons
of Questionable Chemistry.

Harmful chemicals have worked their way into almost everything we touch, wear, play with, sit on and so on. With our industry partners, we’re on a mission to replace two million metric tons of this problem chemistry. And we’re just getting started.

We’re already helping industries from skincare to performance wear make a difference with sustainable Activated Silk™ biotechnology.