Blowing the Cobwebs Out of Harmful Textile Finishing Chemicals

The global textile economy is far from sustainable. Customers have become used to, and demand, high-performance attributes such as wrinkle-free pants, pill-free sweaters and waterproof raincoats.

Could the Future of Performance Fabric Lie in the Past?

When tradition meets innovation, the results can be transformative.

The Environmental Impacts of Textile Finishing

Too often, the clothes we love come at a high price for the planet. At Evolved By Nature, we’re working to change that––and the solution starts with Activated Silk™.

Why Vegan Doesn’t Always Mean More Sustainable

You might think vegan leather and sustainability would be a natural fit—but sometimes that’s not the case.

Evolving the Fashion Industry

The more consumers demand products that are both sustainable and stylish, without sacrificing performance, the more likely we are to see real change.

A Cleaner Future for Yoga Apparel

How Activated Silk makes gear perform better for your customers—and for the planet.

Activated Silk™ Will Make Your Wool Sweater Better

Our anti-pilling chemistry is simple, elegant, and effective.

How Activated Silk™ Creates Superior Wicking Apparel

Our natural moisture-wicking technology replaces synthetic wicking agents.

The Cultural History of Silk

Whether worn on our bodies or embedded in them, silk has a history that leads to how we’re using it today.

What Is Textile Finishing?

Nearly everything you wear has been “finished” with chemicals—but that alone isn’t the problem