Evolving the Fashion Industry

The more consumers demand products that are both sustainable and stylish, without sacrificing performance, the more likely we are to see real change.

Fashion is a trillion-dollar global industry with an equally grand sustainability opportunity. The industry has historically struggled to produce sustainable garments that also meet the cost and performance expectations of consumers, designers and supply chain players alike.

To date, cost and performance have been prioritized by manufacturers wanting to keep up with fast-fashion trends. The 2019 Pulse of the Fashion Industry Report found that the gap between sustainable fashion efforts and actual outputs will continue to grow, along with the industry’s carbon footprint.  

But consumer sentiment is shifting in nature’s favor: 75% of The Pulse of Fashion Industry Report survey participants reported that sustainability is extremely or very important to them.

The more consumers demand products that are both sustainable and stylish—without sacrificing performance—the more likely we are to see real change.

That change is already beginning, and as a green chemistry company creating new chemicals that don’t require brands or consumers to make these compromises, we know the time is now. Earlier this month we announced that French luxury brand, Chanel, invested in Evolved By Nature—an exciting partnership that will allow us to further explore different fabric innovations with our Activated Silk™ technology, a natural, sustainable alternative to traditional chemical treatments.

With Activated Silk entering the supply chain, our goal is to create a future where people no longer have to live with trade-offs between cost, performance and sustainability in the products they love or rely on. And we’re energized to have a like-minded partner in Chanel.

Want to learn more about our efforts to bring Activated Silk to the fashion industry?

Check out the latest in Bloomberg by Kim Bhasin about our partnership with Chanel and read more about the need to remove harmful chemicals from the fashion supply chain in Vogue Business by Rachel Cernansky. And visit our blog to learn all about Activated Silk, how it works and other ways we’re bringing nature’s most elegant chemistry to the world of textiles, personal care and beyond.