Blowing the Cobwebs Out of Harmful Textile Finishing Chemicals

The global textile economy is far from sustainable. Customers have become used to, and demand, high-performance attributes such as wrinkle-free pants, pill-free sweaters and waterproof raincoats.

Why We Don’t Know About Chemicals in Products

Innovation made the United States an international scientific leader––but it also left us with a legacy of hidden, harmful chemicals.

The Environmental Impacts of Textile Finishing

Too often, the clothes we love come at a high price for the planet. At Evolved By Nature, we’re working to change that––and the solution starts with Activated Silk™.

Why Vegan Doesn’t Always Mean More Sustainable

You might think vegan leather and sustainability would be a natural fit—but sometimes that’s not the case.

What Is Textile Finishing?

Nearly everything you wear has been “finished” with chemicals—but that alone isn’t the problem

Activated Silk™ Technology: What it is and How it Works

For the first time, we’ve discovered how to liquefy natural silk protein, and maintain it in a stable liquid form. Now we’re able to produce it at commercial scale and are using it to replace chemicals common in the textile industry. And that’s just the beginning.

Meet Fibroin, the Key to Activated Silk™ Technology

By extracting silk’s chief protein, fibroin, we’ve made silk even safer for the human body.