Evolved By Nature™

Activated Silk™ L1 Biofinishing is available at partner tanneries.


Nuova Overlord

Via 1 Settembre, 25
56029 Santa Croce sull’Arno, Italy

Phone: +39 0571 366541
VAT: 00928180504
Website: concerianuovaoverlord.com

A pioneer in the leather district of Tuscany, Nuova Overloard has been honoring the craft of transforming nature’s greatest material into unique articles since 1972.

We are in the business of creation and the products we make honor our natural world and elevate the human experience. Our leather goods and footwear bring a combination of traditional handcrafted knowledge and sophisticated technology to the luxury market. We select only choice raw materials and personally oversee every phase of the process to ensure the legacy of the words “made in italy”.

We are driven by a generations old ethical code. Our daily commitment is increasingly aimed at occupational safety, protection of social values and strict compliance with the environmental policies that the world deserves.