Evolved By Nature™

Activated Silk™ L1 Biofinishing is available at partner tanneries.



121–121/1 m.2 sukhumvit KM.30 Tescaban
Bangpoo 52 Tayban muang, 10280 Thailand

Tel: 02 703 9056 | Tel: 02 703 9055
Website: limsilp-tannery-coltd.business.site

Since 1967, we have honored Thai leather and the raw materials that make it unique. We are a third generation tannery with a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality bovine skins to the Asian market.

In our third generation, we are committed to evolving the industry to be more sustainable. This means replacing petrochemicals with more sustainable biotechnology to finish our skins. Better for people and better for the planet.